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The laws of the universe are immutable.
If you understand the law, you can share happiness with everyone.
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Nice to meet you, my name is Takeshi Arima.

This homepage was established for the purpose of telling everyone the "concept" that I am thinking of. 

(There is nothing to solicit or cost, so feel free to read it ~ (^^) /)

The concept is

It is "Road To Be Happy Together World".

To put it plainly,

"From the moment a person is born, he lives with various experiences and experiences for one second and one second.

The contents are different for all people, and no one has the exact same experience.

Therefore, everyone is the only one in the world.

Would you please create a flow that conveys the knowledge and wisdom gained from that experience from person to person in order to build a world where everyone can live happily together? "am.

That may seem difficult and difficult, but it's actually very easy.

You don't need to study anything, and you don't have to pay for it, because what you tell is what you actually experienced.

The important thing is to tell someone with whom you have a close connection, "I want you to be happy ."

It's not about getting yourself or getting something, but telling it "for free".

You don't have to spend money or time to tell.

It's good when you visit in your daily life.

Just before you tell , say in your heart, "Be Happy Together."

There are various people in the world, but the moment when all people are born is in a pure white state, that is, zero-based.

From there, the humanity and individuality of the person is formed by the things that are experienced and experienced in this human society.

And it is each of us who creates that human society.

So, although there are deep connections, shallowness, many influences, and few influences, all people influence everyone, and each person's "thinking and way of life" is one person's "every day." The reality is that it affects people 's lives and happiness .

For example, many of us now live under the "capitalism" advocated by some.

Capital, or money, can expand what you can experience in your life, but on the other hand, pursuing too much can cause halation in people-to-people relationships in a variety of situations and situations.

In fact, 50% of what is called "wealth" on the earth is owned by 1% of humankind, and imbalances have occurred, causing various conflicts in various places. Even in our daily social life, we are competing and competing.

Here, one important thing is that "confirmation" is required.

Everyone wants to be happy.

"Confirm" is "What is happiness?"

I think that the answers to the question "What is happiness?" Varies from person to person, but as I mentioned earlier , each person's "way of thinking and way of life" is one person's "every day." It is a fact that influences the life and happiness of people.

So you need to have some "common" perception.

In other words, it is the "definition" of "being happy."

As the wisdom of our ancestors,

Mr. Shaka is defined as follows.

"There is no dissatisfaction and it is fulfilling"

I think this way.

"Being satisfied"

How about you guys?

In any case, I think it's an ambiguous expression, and I think there are various "things and situations" that people feel "fulfilled" and "satisfied", but "satisfied". If you feel, or if you think so, you can say that you are "happy."

So what does it mean to be "satisfied"?

The reason why I chose "being satisfied" as the "definition" of "being happy" is from the following image.

For example, in your daily life, you may enjoy coffee or tea in a cup during breaks, but ...

I think it's easy to fill a cup with coffee.

But what if you fill a 25m pool with coffee?

I think it will be a lot of work.

What and how much do you want to be "satisfied" before you are satisfied? It will change greatly depending on the situation.

Isn't it true that there are "satisfied people" and "dissatisfied people" even in a similar environment?

If "whether it is easy to meet" or "whether it is difficult to meet" changes depending on the "desired situation" that you set, you can change it according to the "standard you want" regardless of the surrounding environment.

However, the reality is that people are greatly influenced by their surroundings.

However, if you lower the hurdle of the "desired standard" that you set a little and feel that you are "satisfied" more often, you will "do something" to the people around you. It is also a fact that you can afford to think.

"I'll give it to the people around me" is something that I'm better at than people, based on my own experience.

Since I was a new employee, I have often been the secretary of banquets, so I am a little good at enlivening events such as banquets.

Therefore, we are planning an event that will please the people around us, not at work, but for free.

I myself am having fun, and I have made more friends, and I feel that I am fulfilled and satisfied.

Of course, if you work, you may find it difficult, but the fact is that the current social environment is the accumulation of "thoughts and ways of life" for each person, so it cannot be said "who is bad".

To put it the other way around, if everyone can suppress their own "desires and aspirations" a little and make room for them by doing what they are a little good at, the social environment will be good. It means that it will change.

Everyone has different things that they have experienced since they were born, so there are "something that they are good at" and "something that they are not good at".

If everyone treats people other than themselves with "compassion", they can help someone who is not good at it, and like a jigsaw puzzle, the convex and concave parts overlap and a beautiful pattern. Will be a completed society.

In other words, it is a society where everyone can live happily.

To do that, someone must act with a little courage.

And keep doing that.

That way, it will change little by little, but it will definitely change.

And that's the only way to change it.


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