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Good things  bad things

People often had "good things"! There was a "bad thing"! I say that ~

However, in fact, the good and bad is that the person himself decides on his own convenience and values.

There is no good or bad in the original event itself.

One day, it started raining in the morning.

It may be bad for some people, but it may be good for some plants, isn't it?

And the event itself cannot be changed.

What happened cannot be changed, so how do you perceive and respond to that event?

So, the meaning of the event changes, and conversely, it can change.

You cannot stop or change the events that occur in this world.

By having the power to accept and respond to the event, rather than being swayed by the event and being swayed by the event, which cannot be stopped or changed.

Life changes a lot and can change.

Also, this can be done by one person, but more things can be done if you can cooperate with reliable "friends" and "companies" who have various experiences.

You will be able to respond.

Let's try!


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